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JSC (joint-stock company) Machine-Building Corporation “MPO-Rumyantsev” (Moscow, Russia) has been producing units and fuel control systems for turbojet engines for 87 years. It is most modern enterprise in Russian aviation industry Engines Control Systems branch. We produce wide range of fuel-control systems, fuel-metering units, axial, piston and gear pumps, other types of products.

  • Our production works within the engines of overwhelming majority of Russian military and civil aircrafts.
  • We provide full production cycle – from raw materials to ready-made units: galvanizing, thermal treatment, stamping, casting, vacuum diffusion welding, rubber seals, housings, parts, etc.
  • Our company has got State License and started also to design engine fuel-control systems and units.
  • We have tests facilities – over 50 test-benches. Test-benches are also designed and produced for export.
  • We supply our products also to “Gazprom” for gas-pumping stations which use gas-turbine engines.
  • “MPO-Rumyantsev” staff – about 2 thousand of specialists.
  • “MPO-Rumyantsev” production is exported to many countries.
  • “MPO-Rumyantsev” is supplier of French company “Snecma” (group SAFRAN): within Sukhoi Superjet100 Project we produce Fuel Metering Unit (FMU) for SaM146 engine.
  • Our enterprise carries out large-scale technical modernization: many shops got new equipment, most modern and effective rigs and machines are already installed and put into operation.
  • Quality Management System of “MPO-Rumyantsev” is certified in compliance with certain International Standards. Now we started the procedure of Certification according to EN 9100 Standard.
  • One of the main share-holders of “MPO-Rumyantsev” is State Corporation “Russian Technologies”.

We do our best to expand our international contacts, to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relations with respected foreign companies working in our branch of industry in international markets.