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Shops and Services

There is a number of shops, each of them is specialized.
Main shops:

  • Shop of precision pairs
  • Shop of rotors, pistons, etc.
  • Shop of gears, shafts, etc.
  • Shop of fixing parts (screws, washers, pins, etc.)
  • Shop of preforms
  • Housing shop
  • Assembly shop
  • Service shops: tools and tooling
  • Non-standard equipment shop (test-benches, etc.)
  • Casting shop
  • Heat-treating shop
  • Rubber shop

There is Technological Bureau and Bureau of Technical Control in each shop.

Services and Divisions:

  • Purchasing service: chooses suppliers and purchases raw materials, purchased parts.
  • Chief Mechanic service: maintaining and repair of equipment and rigs.
  • Metrological service: periodic check and certification of means of control
  • Chief Metallurgist service: which includes:

1. Aluminium alloys chill casting
2. Copper alloys water-chill casting
3. Steel casting by investment pattern
4. Nickel-copper alloys sand casting

Press forging:
1. Aluminium alloys forging and press forming
2. Steel forging and press forming
3. Tutanium alloys press forming
4. Sheet materials cold forming

1. – cadmium plating;
2. - chromizing;
3. – chemical and electrochemical nickelizing;
4. – tin plating
5. – indium platingе;
6. - anodizing (chromatizing and sulfuric) of aluminium alloys;
7. – hard anodizing;
8. – chemical oxidizing of steels and aluminium alloys;
9. – passaging of copper alloys and stainless steel;
10. – electrochemical polishing of copper alloys and stainless steel;
11. – phosphate coating;
12. – copper coating of steels;
13. – chemical polishing of stainless steels;
14. – cathode chromatizing;
15. – silver plating.

Rubber articles:
- sealing rings, movable and fixed joints, cups, etc. – method of vulcanization from rubber mixtures on the basis of synthetic rubber.

Heat treatment:
- all types of heat treatment, including quenching, tempering, bakeout, normalization, ageing, cold treatment, thermostatting, thermocycling;
- chemical-thermal treatment – cementation, carbonitriding, nitrogen hardening, sulfurizing.

  • Quality Service includes also Central Measuring laboratory which provides independent expertise of products quality.
  • Chief Technologist Service develops technological processes, tools and tooling.
  • Department of reliability – examination of units, reasons of defects, corrective measures.
  • Maintenance department – provides maintenance, repair and change of units if necessary.
  • Non-standard equipment department - hardware and software of test-benches, etc.
  • Chief Designer department – design management and support of serial production, design of new units.
  • Ecological department – environmental protection, ecological security, wastes utilization.