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Design, assemblies and parts

Three types of pumping units are used:

  • Gear
  • Piston
  • Centrifugal

Gear Type Pump consists of: pumping unit itself, gears, supports, drive spring and end seal

Supports are of two types – upper and lower.

Lower supports of drive gear and of driven gear are made and completed with difference 3 microns by thickness.

Upper supports are “movable” with special seals.

Due to high accuracy in end seals production, such design provides minimum leakage and maximum efficiency of gear pumping unit.

There are two types of end seals depending on engine fear boxes type – one-sided and two-sided. Function of this element – to prevent fuel leakage from the unit to gear box.

End seal consists of footstep and graphite end seal(s).

Steel footstep is made with nonflatness ≤2 microns and high roughness class.

Two types of footsteps are used – open and closed. Graphite also is finished (without abrasive) to nonflatness ≤2 microns.

Different types of seals operate in the range of 4000 r/min to 28000 r/min providing leakage ≤ 01 cm 3 10 minutes.

Piston Type Pump consists of pumping unit itself – rotor and pistons with footsteps (q-ty of pistons – up to 9 ), inclined washer, servovalve and bearings.

Rotors are put in the unit housing with accuracy up to 10 microns by vertiocal axe and up to 3 microns by horizontal axe. Such accuracy is provided by special toolings made by our specialists.

Footsteps can be metal-fluoroplastic, bronze with anti-friction coating and bronzing.

100% bear against inclined washer is provided.

Aberration from sphericity for spheric inclined washers - ≤ 3 microns.

Pistons for each kit of rotors are completed with difference in diameter ≤ 2 microns.

Surface cleanness control for pumping units – 400 zoom.


Centrifugal pump consists of driving wheel and shaft with bearings. In some cases screw stet is added.

Centrifugal pumps used usually as HP and LP pumps of afterburner contour.

All the shafts together with driving wheels are subject to dynamic and static balancing.

MPO-Rumyantsev produces control units of various types and purposes.

Various governors are also produced at MPO-Rumyantsev, both built-in and autonomous.

Fully-variable centrifugal governor, deigned to provide automatically given engine speed rotation with correction by input air temperature. Speed rotation is provided by metering of fuel, supplied into combustion chamber.

We produce also guide vanes of HP and LP compressors, exhaust nozzle and augmentor control and many others.

Elements of design:

Rotation speed sensors consists of fork, two small weights and housing.

Each small weight is subject to static and dynamic balancing and selected according to special technology.

Assembled sensors are also subject to dynamic balancing.

Supports are of two types – one-edge and double-edge. They consist of footstep, arm and housing. Gap between footstep and lever – 8…12 microns. Such gap is provided by joint finishing of lever and arm.

Housing parts

Housing parts

Parts of pumping units of centrifugal, piston and gear pumps

Parts of pumping units of centrifugal, piston and gear pumps

Parts of pumping units of centrifugal, piston and gear pumps

Parts of pumping units of centrifugal, piston and gear pumps

Volumetric and flat cams

Volumetric and flat cams

Precision pairs

Precision pairs

Parts of Kinematics

Parts of Kinematics